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Once you have rung PHYSIOSOUTH to make an appointment - please complete and submit this form
and we will have them ready for your appointment. 

If you haven't made an appointment please call (03) 3326487 or use our request an appointment page on this website then return to this page and complete all questions.

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Consent for treatment

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 For your safety and our information please answer the following questions

Do you have any specific cultural needs we need to be aware of?
Do you wear a hearing aid or pacemaker?
Do you have any artificial implants eg joint replacements , metal screws?                    
Do you have AIDS or Hepatitis?
Are you pregnant?                      
Are you on any long term medication?                         
Have you had recent or major surgery?                  
Any chronic or serious health problems, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Asthma, Heart problems? 
Please list 3 activities that your current injury is preventing you from doing i.e. lifting,  sleeping etc and then rate them 

is unable to perform activity to same level as before injury
10 is able to perform activity at the same level as before injury 
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2       * required  
3       * required  
Please rate your level of pain you are experiencing today due to your injury
0 being NO  pain                    10 being EXTREME pain     * required


Consent for treatment

I hereby give my consent for Physiotherapy treatment bearing in mind that a full verbal explanation will be given at the time of treatment and that I can decline treatment at any time. I also give consent for the sharing of information with relevant practitioners involved in my treatment at PHYSIOSOUTH.

I undertake to pay for all treatment charges & material costs and pay for any treatment declined by ACC. I understand that I am liable for any recovery costs required on my account and that after a thirty-day period, there would be a statement charge for every statement I receive.

I understand that if I fail to attend an appointment without contacting PHYSIOSOUTH there will be a $30 non attendance fee or if I cancel without giving at least 6 hours notice I will be liable for a $20 late cancellation fee
 Consent given                    

In accordance with the Privacy Act, all information recorded in your health records will be kept confidential. Your records will only be accessed by the physiotherapist and staff providing your care and service. All personnel in this practice are bound to maintain strict patient confidentiality. Under the privacy act, you have the right to access to and correction of your personal information held by this practice. No information will be given to a third party without your written permission

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